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Wow, kids. Getting married and working a full-time job sure does make for a quiet news feed on a small artist's portfolio site. I've got quite a few things to add, but I've started out with adding a Redeemers page to that section. More to come soon! Follow my Instagram and DeviantArt for more regular updates!

Happy Independence Day! Last weekend was IndyPopCon. Yours truly was there representing Lonely Robot Comics, and I wrote up a blog entry about the show. Check it out here!

If you happen to have visited this page in the past few days, you may have noticed that my news updater threw up all over itself. As such, I've just done away with it.
This will become abundantly obvious once I put up my next portfolio update, but it should be noted that I've recently done some flatting for Emilio Lopez and Khary Randolph's book Tech Jacket over at Image. Some pages from that will be included in the portfolio update! I'm also in the planning stages for a Ninja Turtles fan project, which I will include in the links above this space when it goes live.


The Redeemers

Other Comics and Children's Book Illustrations
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Commission Pieces and Convention Prints

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Colorist Work

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