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photoWil Brendel is a 20-something-year-old illustrator, and a September 2008 graduate of the Illinois Institute of Art - Schaumburg with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Media Arts & Animation. Wil is a character and comics artist primarily, and also has experience in illustrating childrens books and corporate mascot designs. Originally from Southeastern Michigan, Wil currently makes his home in the suburbs of Chicago.

Wil's first foray into comic strips came circa 1997, and he was first published in The Community Voice, the former newspaper of Holly, Michigan, circa 2001. One of his most ambitious acheivements in comics to date is the completion of Fireball20xl's Sonic the Hedgehog fan graphic novel, Chaos Diamonds 3 written by Psyguy. Some of his artistic influences include the likes of Bruce Timm, Jim Davis, Akira Toriyama, Chuck Jones, Frank Miller, Kevin Eastman, and Patrick Spaziante,

Currently, Wil is working with Eric Rampson, a Chicago-based writer on an independent comic book series called The Redeemers, and co-founded Lonely Robot Comics alongside Rampson and Brett Wood. He also regularly does freelance work with "Magic" Steve Schniers of Project Million Entertainment and SBJ of PKMNcast. His preferred tools of the trade are Canson's "Fanboy" comic art boards, Prismacolor sketch pens, Sharpies, and the Toshiba Portégé tablet PC.

In his spare time, Wil enjoys watching movies (particularly commentaries), playing Xbox and all generations of Nintendo games, and reading comic books. He also occasionally likes to partake in bowling, roller coaster parks, and annoying his girlfriend.

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