2D Artwork
*Dan Berger - Redeemers #1, page 1
Okay, so it's only a doodle, but DAN BERGER! FROM MIRAGE! *FANGASM*
*Fooly - The Redeemers
1st place in the fanart contest
*Megz - Gabe
2nd place in the fanart contest
*Jamce - The Redeemers
3rd place in the fanart contest
*MegzHeartcho - Urkel
No words XD
SquidgyPurpleBlob - Rosey And the ECB lead finally gets his first fan art!
Meta - Maddy
'Nother Maddy, in her updated outfit
Steph O'Dell - Wil Never considered a staff for him before, kinda cool
Riot130 - Maddy with her little hamster buddy, Shooter :D
Steph O'Dell - Wil Expression Sheet a really awesome interpretation of my Wil character
Fei - Wil (and a l'il OMA) cutout of a large FB20xl fanart
Trunks - Birthday! kids have a great fashion sense
Sprang - Birthday Bomb Remind me to never ever accept anything from her...
Scar Lyke - Frowny Frowny faces are serious business
Psy - Wil the Hedgehog This is just awesome, end of story
MegzHeartcho - Wil Wooper So she herd I liek Woopers...
MegzHeartcho - 400 Celebratory pic for when I received my 400th watcher on SheezyArt
Filthy - Yo. Filthy made a bunch of these for folks circa V-Day '07
Doodlibop - Foot in Mouth Excerp from Doodzy's 2007 V-Day collage
HYB - Wil Osnaps, psuedo-realism
CSI Guy - Cat Wil, MD He's got the perscription... for furballs!
Violet Chaos - Wil Pwns Newbs HOCKEY STICK!! This is still one of my favorites
Dan Park - Trench Wil *avoids obvious flashing joke*
Sprang - Peace, Love & Bagels This is so random, and so funny
Psy - Wil is Good It was my birthday again
N9309 - 'Nother One It's spelled B-R-E-N-D-E-L, by the way :P
N9309 - Rawr! That psuedo-Final Fantasty style Wil again. Going "RAWR!"
Meta - Squall Sucking There's a story behind the title- Hit Meta's SheezyArt page
Lightwind - Wil's 19 That is one psychotic grin o.O
Fooly - Where There's A Wil... Fooly and I are gonna mate and have super artist babies
Cailen - My Name is Wil Ah ha, HA HA HA, Crow...
Cailen - Wil Peace?
Sprang - SOOPAH WIL Dun, dun, dundundunDUUUUUNdah!!
Prismaya - DDR Bowling!? 2016 Olympics. Bet on it.
OMA - Pins fight back OW.
N9309 - Wil Kind of a pseudo-Final Fantasy style
Dereck - Sad Panda Ghei Wil Awww D:
Dereck - Oekaki Whore Oh, I'm SO sneaky!
MegzHeartCho - Wil 'Nother Wil pic
Vikki - 10 Second Wil Never ask me "what should I draw?" :P
Ell789 - Wrong Floor Avatar From the original Evertropolis page 39
Koivo - There's always a way This one's pretty cool
Object in the Mirror - MKH Wallpaper Big version of MKH 1-6
Psy - OMG Mouse arty...
El Fuego - Normal Birthday? No such thing
Darkangelsin - Wil This one is mighty cool
Patrick - Wil I am NOT a crook!!
Xeonith - Wil Why am I reminded of Droopy?
Flying Dutchman - Chibi Wil S'weeeeeird
Brandi Cat Girl - Tails/Psycho cross section Some fanart for Chaos Diamonds 3
Mitaboy - Seated Cool shot of Wil sitting down
Psy - ZOMG Awesome fanart
Dereck - Lunch Money This SO would have happened had we gone to school together...
Games4Wolf - Robot Army Cower before its might!
Becker - Wil with the Revelation Edge This is an oldie but a goodie
Sigve - Freaking Giraffe BUFF giraffe
Dereck - Now What!? Took him long enough, too :P
Mitaboy - Wil the Cool Earliest known image of Wil in the Fonz pose
Kaze - Victory! Or a peace sign, whatever works
Maddy - Chibi? MSPaint doodle of me
Maddy - Sparty MSPaint Sparticus from Late Sprite
Maddy - Mario MSPaint Mario
Sebas - Balloon Fighter Wil Another oldie but a goodie
Zyzz - Not a Zombie Wallpaper Old Spunky Darkness promotional art converted to a wallpaper
Halo the Hedge - Wil 2003 character art recreation
Anchet7 - Wil Mighty good Wil art
Blue Duality - Wil Loves the 80's This is another early one that I still really enjoy
Brandon Nagy - YES! Revamped Revelation Edge... cool...
Sigve - More Birthday Stuff Yay me!
Zio - Faster Than Lightning Scratchboardy...
Little Climpa - Wil Sweater-ified!
Dereck - I'm Sexy! Very true, VERY true...
Tenchin - Welcome Aboard From when I joined his former webring
Pinky Freak - Wil Plush My old Spunky Darkness staffer portrait
Majin - E-123 Omega A thank-you gift

OMA - SPC:COLD a short cameo from page 84 of Samurai Pizza Cats: COLD
SolarZero - No Free Cookies Evidentally, I was given a cameo in Chaos Damage
Ryoku - MKH Fan Comic It's peanut-butter-jelly time!
Cory - World's Largest *WINK*
Violet Chaos - Beware Silver Hair One day, Wil's hair became JUST like Silver the Hedgehog's
N9309 - Random Goodness ...'Kay.
Vi - It's a Setup!! Matt... How'd you get out of your cell?
Snix - MKH Cameo You will learn not to mess with the sword
Dereck - Spunky Eclipse Layout Self Esteem +3
Emerald - Heavy CAKE
Neko - Rabid Fan Girl I'll take "problems it's good to have" for $100...
Flying Dutchman - Annihilate N00bs Guess I rule :D
Raccoon Mage - Don't Want to Know I'm sorry, I still don't get the punchline on this one...
Zipposhade - Prizes I MAY have forgotten to attach 'em...
Little Climpa - Hate You Guys Mad skillz
Tigerham - MKH Fan Comic Heeeeere's May!
Evilord 187 - Cheese! Most random comic, EVER
Dereck - It's Not Christmas Better late than never
Mush - Time Zone'd God Bless Switzerland
Majin - Wil's Next Goal Today the internet, tomorrow the WORLD!
Frix - Point Taken Don't diss the big sword guy
Dereck - Updated? Never again, Geocities...

Kuto the Fox - Human Sparty OH GAWD
Shade - Wil Sword Fighting Slashy fun
Flying Dutchman - Revelation Edge Not bad!
Zio - Wil Fighting Style Sort of a GBA fighter style
Majin - Wil Chao One Chao and twenty cans of Vanilla Coke later...

Psy - Fighting Pose Squat thrusts! Squat thrusts everywhere!

Sprite Royal Rumble
I totally forgot about this! I was a contestant in AkumaTH's SRR in the 6th tourney
The Rogues' Gallery My character was hanging out with OMA's Jorge Amingo from page 280-284 of TRG
TTA As a prize in Kirb's fanart contest, I was given a bit part in Season 3 of TTA, starting in episode 63