Shadow of the Bat Convention print, April 2012, Pencil, Ink, Adobe Photoshop

One of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons as a kid was the follow up to Batman: The Animated Series, Bruce Timm and company's Batman Beyond. I'd done some prints to take with me to conventions, but not yet one featuring this particular hallmark of my childhood. I wanted to include as many allusions to the series as possible, and therefore went with a composition reminiscient of the movie poster god, Drew Struzan. Shown in the piece is the looming elderly Bruce Wayne, literally looking over Terry McGinnis' shoulder for the top of the image, while images of some of the most noteworthy Neo Gotham rogues are projected on the various skyscrapers.

I think of this piece as being a bit more ambitious than usual, because rather than drawing everything on a single page, I drew several elements separately and compiled them digitally. I think I was particularly successful capturing the style of the original cartoon series, juxtaposing the usual dark colors associated with Batman against bright neon colors.

Batman © DC Comics


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