Surge's Story page 1 Sequential art, June 2013, pencil, ink, Adobe Photoshop

2013 marked the second art show put on by my pal Steve of PKMNcast. This year's show was called Battle City, with the main focus of the show being on pokémon battles. I chose to interpret the "battle" aspect loosely and show some wartime battles, that happen to feature pokémon. I took the fan theory backstory of Red and Blue Versions, and warped it into a short slice-of-life story about Lieutenant Surge, one of the original Gym leaders.

I based my design for Lt. Surge on my friend Kent, who's a fan of the character and currently serving in the Air Force, an ideal basis for a reinterpretation of the character. I also peppered in several allusions to the character from both the games and the anime in the visuals and captions. In this page, for instance, there's a TM24, which Surge gives as a prize for beating him, the event Surge alludes to before his fight of his pokémon paralyzing the opponent, and evolving his Raichu for a power boost as in the anime.

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