Blastoids Charity art print, July 2012, Pencil, Ink, Adobe Photoshop

When I'm not busy with my Lonely Robot Comics work or private commissions, I enjoy collaborating with my friend SBJ of PKMNcast, the most popular Pokemon-themed podcast in iTunes. In 2012, SBJ organized an art show and auction focused on Pokemon fan art called 649 Monsters. This piece was my submission to the show, and a bit of an inside joke for fans of the podcast. SBJ has a habit and running joke of mispronouncing the names of pokemon, and once infamously referred to Blastoise as "Blass-toy-ds". I chose to interpret my favorite turtle pokemon as a cross between a giant tortoise and sea turtle, and tweaked its signature water cannons to a variety of projectile weapons. The piece sold at silent auction with the proceeds going to Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity.

Pokemon © Game Freak, Nintendo


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