PPR Two Years Commemorative poster, May 2011, Pencil, Ink, Adobe Photoshop

Press Pause Radio is a podcast about video game culture run by self-proclaimed "loveable scumbag" GeorgieBoysAxe. PPR releases a new episode about twice a month wherein the panelists discuss a select topic, either a specific game, console, or gameplay mechanic.
With the two-year anniversary of Press Pause Radio drawing near, I was approached by Georgie to create a poster celebrating the previous year, littered with as many of the podcast's "in" jokes as possible, and highlighting each of the podcast's panelists and editors. George made up a list of some twenty or so in-jokes and references for me to choose from, and in the end I managed to hit about 90% of them.
I hand-drew and inked this poster on Canson FanBoy comic art board, then colored and added text and graphics where appropriate in Photoshop.

Press Pause Radio © George Fagundes
Artwork © WTAW Productions
Fat Tire © New Belgium Brewing Company
Galaga © Namco
Gradius III © Konami
Fantastic Journey © Konami
Mass Effect © Bioware
Twinbee © Konami
Fantastic Journey © Konami
Super Mario Brothers © Nintendo
Virtual Boy © Nintendo
Uncharted © Naughty Dog
Alien Soldier © Treasure
Ronald McDonald © McDonald's
Shemue © Sega
DJ Hero © Activision
Metroid © Nintendo
Castlevania © Konami
Electronic Gaming Monthly © EGM Media, LLC
Cho-Aniki © Masaya
Ramen Noodles © Nissin Foods
Back to the Future © Universal Pictures
Duck Hunt © Nintendo
MegaMan © Capcom
Android © Google, Inc
Pokemon © Game Freak


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