The Redeemers #1, page 17 Sequential art, April 2013, Pencil, ink pens, Adobe Photoshop

The Redeemers is a story written by Eric Rampson and illustrated by Wil Brendel, independently published by Lonely Robot Comics. The story follows an up-and-coming Chicago rock band, the members of which all have supernatural powers and a desire to atone for their transgressions in their individual checkered pasts. They're out to try to save as many people as possible in the hopes of saving themselves. Along the way, they'll encounter crazed fans, bloodthirsty demons, deadly robotic assassins, and more!

Near the end of the first issue of Redeemers comes a sequence that I've affectionately and unofficially dubbed "Artsy Fartsy Back Story", where all three members of the band reveal an indefinate version of their history to the reporter character, Maddie MacAllister. On each of these pages, I was able to create a sort of free-flowing progression of the stories, using elements of the imagery themselves as panel breaks. Here we see Neil's history, of the night he was afflicted with his werebeast curse. I'm particularly fond of this composition, as well as the drawings of Neil mid-transformation and his finished form lit by the campfire in the final "frame".

Fun side note: This page contains cameos of myself and best friend as Neil's pals at the top of the page, and my sister, her husband, and their daughters as the family in the last image. Can't decide if using them there makes me a bad brother or not...


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