The Redeemers #1, page 3 Splash page, February 2013, Pencil, ink pens, Adobe Photoshop

The Redeemers is a story written by Eric Rampson and illustrated by Wil Brendel, independently published by Lonely Robot Comics. The story follows an up-and-coming Chicago rock band, the members of which all have supernatural powers and a desire to atone for their transgressions in their individual checkered pasts. They're out to try to save as many people as possible in the hopes of saving themselves. Along the way, they'll encounter crazed fans, bloodthirsty demons, deadly robotic assassins, and more!

When Eric and I were first discussing remastering the first issue of Redeemers, I was very excited at the prospect of getting to take another stab at the concert fight splash page. The original version was one of my favorite pages in the first Redeemers #1 and idea of having another go was fun, to say the least. I was able to incorporate all of the villains in the sequence, making it feel more chaotic, and again put the camera just over the heads of the crowd, putting the reader more in the midst of the action rather than the original versions more objective perspective.

Many of the demons shown in this fight scene are based, at least in part on characters owned by friends of mine. Thanks to Bryon Beaubien of, Tara Welker-Stewart of, Monica Ras of, Cailen Denton of, and Greg Prytyka.


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