The Redeemers #1, page 4 Sequential art, March 2013, Pencil, ink pens, Adobe Photoshop

The Redeemers is a story written by Eric Rampson and illustrated by Wil Brendel, independently published by Lonely Robot Comics. The story follows an up-and-coming Chicago rock band, the members of which all have supernatural powers and a desire to atone for their transgressions in their individual checkered pasts. They're out to try to save as many people as possible in the hopes of saving themselves. Along the way, they'll encounter crazed fans, bloodthirsty demons, deadly robotic assassins, and more!

This page, suprisingly, is one of my favorites in the first issue of Redeemers, because it confirms what the reader should be expecting at this point- that as far as the fans know, the battles that have made the band's stage show famous are just special effect shows. In this new version, Eric and I saw a great opportunity to introduce two characters from a later issue early, so the original cameo of myself and my friend have been replaced with Michael and Terrance from issue three, "Fancult". I also changed the setting from an ambiguous fictional concert venue to a reasonably accurate representation of the Congress Theater in Chicago, IL.


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