The Redeemers #2, page 8 Sequential art, July 2010, Pencil, ink pens, Adobe Photoshop

The Redeemers is a story written by Eric Rampson and illustrated by Wil Brendel, independently published by Lonely Robot Comics. The story follows an up-and-coming Chicago rock band, the members of which all have supernatural powers and a desire to atone for their transgressions in their individual checkered pasts. They're out to try to save as many people as possible in the hopes of saving themselves. Along the way, they'll encounter crazed fans, bloodthirsty demons, deadly robotic assassins, and more!

The second issue of Redeemers has the instantly-plot-spoiling title of "Night of the Attack of the Robo-Ninja Death Assassin Groupies". This page near the middle of the issue has Gabe, the Redeemers frontman, discovering the Goth Chick Groupie in a basement, and getting a little more than he bargained for. This page shows off a bit of the face-opening process I devised for the groupies. In the script, Eric had simply stated that the groupies' faces should open up to reveal laser cannons, but wasn't specific to the process. I spent a good few hours sketching and designing the second face underneath the human fa├žade.

The imagery on the arcade cabinet is from the web comic Boxer Hockey by Tyson Hesse. Used with permission.


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