The Redeemers #3, page 21 Sequential art, February 2012, Pencil, ink pens

Colors by Lorena Ponce

The Redeemers is a story written by Eric Rampson and illustrated by Wil Brendel, independently published by Lonely Robot Comics. The story follows an up-and-coming Chicago rock band, the members of which all have supernatural powers and a desire to atone for their transgressions in their individual checkered pasts. They're out to try to save as many people as possible in the hopes of saving themselves. Along the way, they'll encounter crazed fans, bloodthirsty demons, deadly robotic assassins, and more!

This is perhaps a bit on the spoiler-y side, but this page comes to us from near to the end of Redeemers #3. I'll not provide commentary on what's happening in the story because of that. I will state the the central character here, Maddie, is giving a speech to the onlooking crowd, and I was instructed to cram in many panels of the faces of those listening, and to show several different reactions. The final version of this page with speech bubbles is very effective, and I'm very proud of myself, and the colorist for this page, Lorena.


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