Demo Reel Artwork
May 2008
Pencil, tablet PC, Adobe Photoshop CS3

When the time came for me to design the cover for my demo reel DVD case, I wanted to make sure that I had a cover that would help me to stand out from my peers. The instructor for my Portfolio class showed around some examples of past student reels, and all the cases were the usual dime-a-dozen graphic design fare. I decided that the best way to make my case stand out would be to have original artwork developed specifically for the case, and that it should simultaneously be something familiar. That's where the Star Wars parody came in.
This piece was also somewhat experimental for me. This was only the second piece I've ever done that I think can be classified as a digital painting, in that I didn't use any sharp outlines.

Star Wars © LucasFilms
Raphael © Mirage Studios

Ruby Wish/Deathwish
© Bryon "Psyguy" Beaubien
Artwork and characters © WTAW Productions