Randomosity #46 - Directed by Michael Bay
August 2008
Pencil, sketch pens, tablet PC, Adobe Photoshop CS3

This comic is meant to be a clear parody of the cinematic style of the 2007 Transformers film directed by Michael Bay, hence the title. At the same time, it's meant to poke fun at Hollywood's tendency to utterly butcher the source material they draw from for adaptation movies, particularly if the source material is a video game.
I tried to pick the most ridiculous game I possibly could for this endeavor, and settled on the stoner-iffic Katamari Damacy by Namco. The idea of a Katamari movie is fantastically ubsurd, because it would just have to be turned into one of those disaster movies with tons of military involvement.
The screens that the General character shows are actual screenshots from Google Maps of the Mojave Desert, and the icon in the "title" panel is an official image of the the Prince of All Cosmos after some playing around in Photoshop. The fonts used are "Straight Jacket" from BlamBot.com and "Transformers" from DaFont.com.

Katamari Damacy © Namco Bandai Games
Transformers © Hasbro
Artwork and characters not previously mentioned © WTAW Productions