Paws for Braeden flyer
June 2008
Adobe Photoshop CS3

This poster was done to help promote the fundraising dinner held by my sister and her husband to bring in some money to get a service dog for their autistic son. I looked at a flyer for another dinner held for the same purpose, just for a different child... and it was so BORING that I knew that if Braeden's adverts were going to be effective, they would have to be much better than what I saw. Therefore, I made it an 11x17 poster, used bright, eye-catching, obnoxious colors, and gave the whole thing a grungy, xerox, rock show motif.
Funny story, when my brother-in-law took the .JPGs to the local print shop to have the copies run off, the professional designer at the shop asked how long "the guy that did this" has been working, and was shocked when John had nothing to say other than "he's still a student". Imagine if he'd mentioned that graphic design wasn't even my major!

Artwork © WTAW Productions