Clint Gifford Commission
November 2008
Pencil, sketch pens, Sharpie, tablet PC, Adobe Photoshop CS3

This was a commission piece I did for a friend that I worked with while attending ILIS. The client's main criteria for the piece was that he wanted it to include this "World Peace Pendant", which contains the symbol of every major religion on the planet. I brainstormed a few ideas, one of which involved an unidentifiable character holding the pendant in front of his sternum. We ran with that concept a bit more, and eventually came up with this idea.
The client wanted a bit of a sci-fi angle to the piece as well, hence the flames coming off the pendant and the Jedi-like robes. I also came up with the idea of the background, to tie in to the world peace concept behind the pendant, I have several disimilar geographic archetypes juxtaposed against each other- the Great Wall against the Pyramids of Gisa, the Grand Canyon against the Alpine mountains, a pine forest against palm trees, and so on. Interestingly, I think my favorite part of working on this piece was the details on the pendant, attempting to make it look old, with both the lineary and the coloring.

Artwork © WTAW Productions