Cowabunga! Style Preview page 4
January 2009
Pencil, sketch pens, Prismacolor marker, Sharpie, tablet PC, Adobe Photoshop CS3

In the spring of 2008, I posted the teaser trailer announcing mine and Psyguy's second collaboration: TMNT:Cowabunga!, to a fairly high amount of anticipation from the established fan base of both our sites as well as Chaos Diamonds 3. In the trailer, I said that the comic was coming "this fall", as I knew that Psy had a pretty decent turnaround rate when it came to his script-writing. As it turned out, he ran in to some complications with Cowabunga!, simply because he couldn't figure out exactly what story he wanted to tell, and it became apparent that we wouldn't be making that Fall 2008 release. So, to at least partially make good on our debut time frame, I decided to start posting pages that would give the readers a taste of what was to come, at least from a visual standpoint, using the script from the 1990 TMNT film directed by Steve Barron.
This page takes place during the scene where April O'Neil is confronted in the subway station by a squad of Foot Ninjas, only to be rescued by Raphael. This page is about 90% traditionally inked, only April's hair was colored in in the computer. I used sketch pens for the outlines of the characters, and shaded with a gray Prismacolor marker and a black Sharpie.
Fonts used on this page are "Straight Jacket", "Feast of Flesh", "Damn Noisy Kids", "DeathRattle", and "Anime Ace" from

TMNT © Mirage Studios
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) © New Line Cinema
Artwork © WTAW Productions