The Legend of Yellophive commercial
August 2006
Tablet PC, Adobe Photoshop CS2

Done for my Storyboarding class, this storyboard revives a character I created for a similar project in high school. Yellophive is a conceptual mascot for Mountain Dew, a punk mountain goat.
Yellophive's name is a play off of the Mountain Dew ingredient "Yellow 5", which is a food coloring ratio. However, there is an urban myth that Yellow 5 is a chemical that lowers a man's sperm count. Taking that idea and running with it, I came up with a potential ad campaign starring a green goat who would run up to unfortunate male Dew consumers and ram them in the testicular area.
In designing the character, I looked at the current Mountain Dew ad campaigns, which blatantly targeted the "extreme" sports crowd: skateboarders, snowboarders, BMX bike riders, and so on. MTV's Jackass is evidence enough that this demographic finds injury-related humor funny, so a groin-bashing goat wasn't too much of a stretch.
The font used is "Another Typewriter" from

Mountain Dew © PepsiCo
Artwork and characters © WTAW Productions